Focus area

AGES provides specialized services that give comprehensive, up-to-date support for resource assessment, monitoring and management actions. AGES extends its services in:

  • Design and development of ecologically compatible and aesthetic green-belts/ shelter-belts for industrial estates, power-plant premises, and urban areas/avenues suited to perform environmental services of air pollution amelioration, noise mitigation, oxygen replenishment and carbon sequestration.
  • Afforestation services and innovative afforestation, such as urban forestry, Miyawaki etc.
  • Consultancy services and research in environmental and Agricultural projects and issues.
  • Design, detailed project report (DPR) preparation, implantation monitoring and quality audit of development projects.
  • Conducting environmental impact assessment (EIA) studies for industrial, power generation, infrastructure and other development projects.
  • Conducting social impact assessment (SIA) and social audit of development projects.
  • Preparing environment management plans for conserving land, water, vegetation and faunal resources and heritage sites of a given locality/region.
  • GIS based resource assessment and generation of thematic maps for a variety of applications.
  • Carrying out scientific assessment and documentation of natural resources - land, soil, water, ecosystems and biodiversity.
  • Other programmes such as awareness campaigns, human resource development etc.